Who we are

The Conscious Traveller connects sustainable Ecotourism and ethical acting, to provide natural travel experiences and bring the world together. We are a conservation oriented, Eco conscious enterprise, focused on promoting sustainable tourism all over the world, connecting people and ensuring ethical acting.

What we do

We are creating a network of sustainable travel services of local travel service providers which can be ecological and ethical. These are connected to different Ecotourism packages which enable the most individual customized holistic cultural, such as natural experiences for both, traveller and local provider.

Whom we serve

Providers Of Travel & Hospitality Related Services
Conductors of hidden and micro to medium-sized enterprises of all kinds providing travel and hospitality-related services, who want their efforts to benefit their community and create a sustainable livelihood for themselves and others.

Local Residents
We also serve those inhabitants of a destination who care about the place they live in; maintain the land, encourage the preservation of their own unique culture and who simply just deserve to live with dignity and be treated with respect.

We support our collaborators in modeling a responsible way to travel and enjoy places while minimizing negative impacts and maximizing benefits. Guests will enjoy a holistic learning experience together with their local travel service operator. A conscious traveller wants to contribute to making the world a better place and we directly work with our collaborators to help them create the conditions for our guests to enjoy meaningful, perspective changing experiences that inspire learning, spread awareness and lead to raves, referrals and returns.